Toddler Room

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The toddler environment is full of active learners who explore, experiment and discover. Montessori encourages hands-on learning and hopes to foster a love of learning that will last a lifetime. Low ratios, primary care groups, and a Montessori centered philosophy make this room an inviting, loving, and interesting place for toddlers ages twelve months to two-and-a-half years. The toddler environment maintains a 1:6 teacher to student ratio with about 12 children and two teachers total. An additional assistant teacher helps with midday routines as well. Within these ratios, the Spokane Falls Montessori Toddler Environment does what’s called Primary Care Groups. This means that each teacher or “primary care provider” is responsible for the care of the same six children each day. This helps build strong teacher to child relationships and provides a sense of consistency and predictability that is very important to young children.

toddler yard

Toddler Butterfly Garden


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