"We believe in the potential of the human being as found in the small child." -- Maria Montessori
To provide high quality care guided by Montessori principles and philosophy that is relevant and developmentally appropriate. We shall serve each child and family with respect, dedication and with an understanding of each individual's needs.
We have an infant room opening available in August 2014!
posted: 07/25/2013

Open for infants ages 6 weeks and up.

Click on "Enroll Now" in the top right corner of the screen for more information or call (509)328-6466 to schedule a tour.

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This is a wonderful school. We have three children and have been at this school for almost 6 years, with experience in all three classrooms. We first started looking for daycare when my oldest was a year old, and this was by far the calmest and most child-centered place we visited.

The teachers are really wonderful and caring and very good at helping the children learn self-help skills. The transitions between rooms are gentle and happen when the child is ready, not on a set schedule. The outside play yards are large and lots of fun for my kids.

Academically, my oldest was very well-prepared for 1st grade after completing the Kindergarten program, ahead of schedule in both reading and math. I would definitely recommend this school (and I have!).
Peggy sue

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